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Address: No. 5, Second Road, Second District, Sangyuan Industrial Zone, Dongcheng, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China


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Company Profile

Company Profile

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Dongguan Xuheng Electronics Co Ltd


ISO9001:2000 Certified Enterprise IATF16949 Quality System


Area of Factory:10,000 Square Meters

Engineer staff: 16

Quality staff :56

Production line: 8

Full automatic production line: 1


Annual amount: $15,000,000


 Dongguan XuHeng Electronics CO LTD was established in 2001 which reaches 10000 square meters of our workshop, 200-300staffs. located in Dongguan City , China. We're a professional manufacturer of different series of BLDC/AC /EC cooling fans and brushless motors ,with integrated design , production, sales, quality service and Best solution provider. TCL, HP, Midea, Foxcon,  Blauberg  ..etc are all our long term partner.

We continuously on innovating and development for more than 20 year, we work close with market's need and established Toyon brand, Our main products such as:Axial Fan, Cross flow fan, dc blower; centrifugal fan,DC/EC motor and ventilation unit,Duct Ventilation Fan, Bathroom Fan etc. which are widely application to computer, communication production, automobile electronics equipment, industrial equipment ; Refrigeration and ventilation industry in high quality & lower price.

We provide OEM/ODM services as below process :

We are a best solution provider, accordingly by understanding of the customer needs, our engineers design & customized products by customers’ idea and comments till customer satisfied with the products. Our service purpose “Customer paramount, quality first, human resource is essential”, to gather overall excellent & ability persons and continuously improve operate & management level, in order to achieve the objective “thinking what customer thinking, anxious what the customers anxious”.

We passed I S O 9 0 0 1, CE, UL, RoHS and other international approvals.


High-tech Enterprises

Industry-university-research co-construction unit


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