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Dongguan Xuheng Electronics Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Xuheng Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. It is a company specializing in the research and development, manufacturing,
2 electronic engineers
1. Graduation in electronics:
2. Skilled operation of PROTEL, AUTOCAD and other software:
3. Responsible for the circuit design of the company's new products and the electrical improvement of existing products;
4. Experience in electrical control design of DC \ EC motors in the same industry is preferred;
What is a fresh air system? What is a fresh air system fan?
The emergence of the fresh air system has helped people solve this problem very well. You may be relatively unfamiliar with the fresh air system, so today I will tell you what a fresh air system is and how much is a home fresh air system. I hope you will have a clear understanding of the fresh air system after reading the introduction of the editor. know.
Automotive electronics application solutions
Axialfanseries:TD2510、TD3007、TD3010、TD3510、TD3515、TD4010、TD4020、TD4028、TD5010、TD5015TD6010、TD6015、TD6020、TD6025、TD7015、TD7025、TD8015、TD8020、TD8025、TD9025TD12025 Blowerseries:TD4020-K、TD5015-K、TD5020-K、TD6015-K、TD7525-K、TD7530-K、TD9330-K、TD9733-K、TD1252-KTD1033-K、TD1232-K、TD9240-K Condensingfanseries:TD33194-L、TD311062-L、TD24768-L、TD28668-L、TD37676-L、TD41268-L
Condensing fan series
In order to meet market demand, expand the market share of company products, strengthen company marketing management,
The difference and characteristics of forward tilt centrifugal fan and backward tilt centrifugal fan
Production: Made with high-quality steel plate
Advantages: low cost, low speed, thinner shaft and smaller bearing can be selected, and it has a wider operating range.
What is a brushless motor and its characteristics
无刷直流电机由电动机主体和驱动器组成,是一种典型的机电一体化产品。 无刷电机是指无电刷和换向器(或集电环)的电机,又称无换向器电机。
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