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ED-D100-G1 Air outlet φ100mm Bathroom Fan



New Product -Ventilation Fan

Product Description



The appearance design is beautifuland fashionable. suitable forintegration,traditionalpaneluse.

Ultra-thin body to achieve narrow spaceinstallation.

 Suitable forintegrated or ordinary ceiling panels

When the product is turned on, the power supply can be operated 24 hours without cutting off, and the product automatically adjusts the change of gas volume with the change of air quality in the use place, so as to ensure the comfort ofthe use place.

 Wireless controllogic:

Temperature:I (<28C)I(28C-30C)I (>30C)

Humidity:(<80%) I (80%-85%)Il1 (>85%)

voc:I (0) 1 (1、2)11 (3)



Model A B C D E F G H I J K L
ED-D100-G1-J156-F1 297 232 163 300 97 46 20 274 252 124 12.0 8.0
ED-D150-G1-J366-F1 344 264 202 320 147 42 20 310 290 140 12.0 8.0


Model Voltage V Power W Air Flow m/h Static PressurePa  Noise DBA pipeline Sizelm
ED-D100-G1-J156-F1 220/110 4.3~6.9~12.5 90~120~156 33~75~155 30~35~41 100
EDD150-G1-J366-F1 220/110 6~11.2~27.3 192~258~366 42~100~242 32~39~45 150


1.Super energy saving, about 1KW of electricity a month.

2. Data such as air volume, power and noise value are measured at static pressure of 0Pa.

3.The noise value is the average value ofthe faninl et, the outlet is connected to the 1m air guide pipe,ar nd the distance between thefront,the backandthelowerthree directions s is 1.5 m.


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