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ED-C100-G1 φ100mm & 150mm metal duct fan-Smart

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Product name

ED-C100-G1 φ100mm & 150mm metal duct fan-Smart

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Product description

Metal Cover-180° PipeLine Exhaust Fan --Intelligent Type

----- Product Features----- 

Ultra-Thin thinkness, effective saving installation height.

Very low noise, low power.

The innovative fixed bracket design can be installed horizontally and vertifically, and is suitable for various places to be used.

Metal cover, high hardness, corrosion resistance, anti-deformation.

When the product is turned on, the power supply can be operated 24 hours without cutting off, and the product automatically adjusts the change of gas volume with the change of air quality in the use place, so as to ensure the comfort of the use place.

 Automatica intelligent control speed by air quality :

Temperature:  1 speed< 28℃; 2 speed 28℃~30℃; 3 speed >30℃

Humidity:1 speed <80%; 2speed 80%~85%

VOC: 1 speed =0 ; 2 speed (1,2) 3 speed (3)

Product Dimensions



Model A B C D E F G H I J K
ED-C100-G1 216 240.0 301.6 160.0 130 54.0 97.0 60.5 Φ8.0 13.0 256
ED-C150-G1 302.2 330.2 382.2 184.4 200 95 146 68.6 Φ8.0 13.0 346.2
Technical Parameter
Model Voltage V Power W Airflow m3/h Static Pressure Pa Noise DBA Pipeline size(mm)
ED-C100-G1 220/110 6~7.2~12.8 90~108~145 45~65~145 30~33~36 Φ100
ED-C150-G1 220/110 6.8~12.2~26.3 200~260~370 35.3~73.8~145 28~36~40 Φ150


1. Data such as air volume, power and noise value are measured at static pressure of 0 Pa.

2. The Noise Value is A weighted average sound power level, The test method is in the noise test room , and the noise value is measured  at A distance of 1.5m from the side of the fan( the air inlet and outlet of fan are connected to 1m air ducts, and then take the average value. This test method is based on the assumption that body noise is transimtted in doors.






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