Technical Services


1. Quality assurance: The products provided by our company are the original packaging of the manufacturer, and provide product technical information (including installation instructions, product packing catalog, certificate of conformity and warranty certificate, etc.).

2. Equipment production debugging: After the equipment production and assembly, our company will test the performance of the equipment, and carry out the whole process, full performance inspection and aging of the product, and only pack it after the product is confirmed to be qualified


3. Product delivery time: as far as possible according to user requirements, if there are special requirements that need to be completed in advance, our company can specially organize production and installation to strive to meet user needs.

4. Warranty commitment: Our company will provide the warranty period for all products provided within the validity period in the contract signed, and provide all-day service during normal working days for all products provided during the validity period.

If the warranty period is exceeded, lifetime technical service support is provided.

5. Response time: If a quality problem occurs within 7 working days or the operation is inconvenient for the user, the company promises to replace the equipment for free within three working days. Under warranty,

If the product fails, after receiving the repair report from your company, our company will provide substitute equipment if necessary.

6. Service system: As an equipment supplier, our company provides a guarantee system for the products we provide: When the equipment fails, a designated professional technician will be sent to the door for maintenance within the specified time.

Repair or consignment repair, the resulting miscellaneous expenses shall be borne by the company.