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Release time: 2021-09-15


1. General
In order to meet market demand, expand the market share of company products, strengthen company marketing management, improve company marketing level, and expand company marketing channels, the following programs are specially formulated.
The main target of this plan is the channel distributor (agent) of the sales channel.
2. Channel definition
Channels can be divided according to geographic location, industry scope, and business nature.
1. According to geographical location, it can be divided into: South China, North China, East China, Central China, Southwest China, Northwest China, Northeast China;
2. According to the industry, it can be divided into: home appliance industry, communication industry, machinery equipment industry, etc .;
3. According to the nature of business, it can be divided into: production type, trade type, etc.
3. Channel Marketing Management Measures
The operation mode of our company and channel distributors (agents) is based on cooperation.
The detailed rules are as follows:
1. After being audited by the company and having become the channel distributor (agent) of the company, it can purchase goods from the company according to the unit price on the "outsourcing quotation" provided by the company. As for its sales unit price, the company does not do anything.
2. In the event of a request from its customers to purchase directly from the manufacturer, the channel supplier can faithfully reflect the situation to the company, and the company will provide the maximum cooperation within the scope of its capabilities. As for the sales price, it is still agreed between the channel provider and its customers, and the company still settles with the channel provider according to the price of the "outsourcing quotation". The difference between the specific transaction price and the unit price of "Outsourcing Association" will be returned to the channel dealer immediately after the payment is received.
3. For those that are significantly lower than the unit price of the "Outsourcing Association", the channel supplier may apply to the company for low unit price operations, but the final decision rests with the company.
4. In order to encourage channel vendors to promote our company's products, at the end of each month, count the amount of purchases made by each distributor at the end of the month (based on our financial statements, which is based on the payment of goods) If it reaches 100,000, 10% of the total amount will be refunded as the promotion reward for the month, which will be reflected in the form of cash or goods in the following month. (Products with a unit price lower than "Foreign Association" are not within the scope of this award)
5. After the channel dealer and our company have signed a cooperation agreement, after the monthly sales amount reaches 200,000, the settlement method of the loan can be applied in the following month. Our company provides financial support based on the specific conditions of each channel supplier. The loan amount is 100,000, and the time is limited to 30 days after delivery. If the amount exceeds the sub-loan amount, each order must be settled in cash. (Note: The amount of this loan has not reached our account and will not be used as a basis for accounting at the end of the month. If the cooperation between the two parties is terminated, the company reward will also have an effect within 60 days of delivery. The source business does not enjoy the company's policy and pays the company's goods unconditionally.) At the same time, it should be noted that the sales amount below the unit price of the "outsourcing" for the individual application is not within the scope of the company's loan and needs to be settled in cash separately.
4. The qualification criteria of channel providers
1. There must be legal business procedures, business licenses and other relevant documents;
2. The industry scope operated by the channel distributor must be in the fields related to the company's products such as electronics and equipment;
3. Enterprises with a certain scale and certain social relations and customer sources;
4. Have certain fixed investment and working capital;
5. Have a good reputation.
According to the above conditions, combined with the actual qualification review (attached table), it can be determined whether to become our company's channel supplier.
Five, support and after-sales
1. The company can provide guidance on the performance of the products, and provide the applicable fields of different products, so as to better indicate the market development direction for the channel dealers;
2. If the channel dealer's customer's question cannot be solved, the company can provide free technical consultation / support;
3. The company will promise free warranty within one year and bear related costs. Paid warranty beyond the scope and time, and does not bear related costs.
6. Supplementary explanation
The development of channel distributors should be based on the region, industry, nature, and capital of the industry, so as to avoid excessive channel distributors in the same region and industry.
The quarterly sales incentive indicators are notified by the company to each channel vendor at the beginning of each quarter, and will be notified if there are changes.
The company has the final interpretation of the plan.
The plan came into effect on May 1, 2009, and the plan will be terminated when the new plan comes into effect or a document is issued.