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TD1025-k1(3 phase motor)

TD1025-k1(3 phase motor)
Affiliate classification
Product description


★lnsuation:Class B
★Type of protection:lP42
★Mode of operation:S1
★Operation Temperature:-20--70℃
★Available Features: 
·Tachilable Out put
·Slow startup
·Pulse wIDTH Modulation
·control input 0--5VDC
★EMC:Interference emission acc.to EN 61000-6-3
★lnterference immunily acc.to EN 61000-6-2
Product conforming to standard: EN 60950-1


Model Bearing System Voltage v Voltage Range Current A Power W Speed RPM Noise DBA Air Flow Static Pressure Weight G
M³/H CFM Pa mmHO
TD102518HS-K1 Sleeve 18VDC 6—19.8 0.19A 3.42 2600 42.3 40.8 24 90 9.12 105
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